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Rafferty's Garden frequently asked questions

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How does Rafferty's Garden develop their recipes?

The primary basis to all our recipes is flavour but with consideration to baby’s highly sensitive taste buds. Basically we select recipes that deliver on nutritional and healthy eating then set about refining these with baby in mind – simply put ‘adult food for baby’.

Don't forget, we always source the freshest ingredients including fruit and vegetables as well as prime cuts of meats.

How does Rafferty's Garden achieve a 12 month shelf life with no additives and no need to refrigerate?

We are able to achieve this shelf life with our products due to the quality of ingredients combined with the mixture of heat treatment and our special packing process.

Our smooth products are cooked in much the same way as people have been preserving fruit and vegetables for centuries. This employs the use of the natural acidity found in fruits combined with a gentle heat treatment process. We take the greatest care in selecting only the finest raw ingredients while ensuring we do not remove any of the goodness, including taste through the cooking process.

How is it that we can achieve a 12 month shelf life for our 'Just Veggie' range?

Our Just Veggie range are a retorted product so instead of high acid to preserve it, they are cooked in the same way as the puree range of products. This means they are prepared and cooked in large kettles before transferring into packaging for a final cooked process using pressurised heat equipment.  Again, we are reinforcing the reduced cooking time due to flexible pouches and this helps retain the natural goodness of the ingredients. 

And did you know that the minimal cooking time is the primary advantage of products make in flexible pouches vs cans and jars!

How is the cooking process different for Rafferty's Garden product? (from other manufacturers)

Rafferty’s Garden has a couple of methods on how we prepare our baby food.

Our smooth range is produced using hot fill. The products are cooked for the minimum time required, using the natural acidity of the ingredients as preservatives, while locking in the natural goodness and flavours. This is a process that has been used for centuries by people when preserving fruit and vegetables at home.

Our puree and lumpy range is prepared and cooked in large kettles before transferring into our pouches for a final cooked process using pressurised heat equipment. The reduced cooking time and our flexible pouches help retain the natural goodness of the ingredients.

Rafferty’s Garden uses the greatest care and attention when selecting the finest raw ingredients while ensuring that we do not remove any of the goodness, including taste. Simply put our recipes are better – packed full of good quality ingredients, flavour combined with a gentle cooking process.

Can you freeze Rafferty's Garden products?

As the food is 100% natural and there are no additives so it is fine to freeze and then later defrost the products after they have been packed in an airtight container.  Please ensure that you exclude as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn.  Defrost ONLY in your refrigerator or microwave and consume this product immediately after it is defrosted

How does Rafferty's Garden address allergies?

Our range is designed and produced with significant input and controls from allergen experts and are produced and packed in a dedicated plant that do not pack allergens such as wheat, egg or nuts.  The products are regularly tested for the presence of such allergens and we have not had any such allergens detected.  Likewise we wish to stress that the ingredients listed on the packets are a complete reflection of what is in our products, there are no “extra ingredients”.

Click here to view the complete allergens table for Rafferty’s Garden products.

Are Rafferty's Garden pouches BPA free and recyclable?

The packaging used for Rafferty’s Garden products are made to the strictest standards to comply with ALL global packaging regulations. They have been printed with toluene free inks, aliphatic (not aromatic) adhesives and inside the packaging is made from Food contact – approved cast polypropylene(CPP). Polypropylene does not contain BPA and is considered a very safe plastic. It is often used for flexible packaging.

The pouch is made up of a number of layers of materials which provide the safety and shelf life of the product. These layers are laminated together to provide a single structure that the bag is made from. Individually the Polyester, Nylon , aluminium foil and polyethylene are recyclable but because Australia does not currently have the technology to separate these materials before they are fully recycled they are considered as plastics code “7” or other.   Until this technology is available this high barrier packaging used for sensitive products will have to end up in land fill.

What is there apple in so many smooth products?

Apple is used in our smooth range to help balance the natural acidity levels so we can achieve a shelf life of 12 months without having to add any extra nasties to our food.

Did you know that apples contain pectin, a gentle dietary fibre that helps your baby's digestive system.

Are your products halal certified? If so, which ones are halal certified?

Rafferty’s Garden has a number of halal certified products. We make baby food for all babies irrespective of race or religion of their parents. We do not discriminate in any way. We have a number of products that have received halal certification. We have not altered our products from their original recipe.Click here for a link to a list of halal certified products.