Rafferty's Fruit Jelly Recipe for babies from 6 months old

Fruit Jelly

The Rafferty's Garden Team
Does your baby love the flavour of Rafferty’s Garden smooth purees but has moved on to thicker and chunkier consistencies? Solution! Transform the lovely goodness of Rafferty’s into a fun jelly!
  • Ingredients

    Makes - 2 servings (1/2 cup)

    1 tsp gelatin

    50 ml hot water

    1 x pouch of Rafferty’s Smooth range


    This recipe is suitable for babies aged 7 months +

    For older babies, 9 months +, add chunks of soft fruit such as sliced grapes, berries, pear, mango or watermelon


    This recipe is for firm but soft jelly; for harder consistencies add an extra ½ tsp of gelatin.

  • Method
    Step 1
    Dissolve gelatin in hot water stirring quickly.
    Step 2
    Place pouch of chosen Rafferty’s smooth range into a bowl and mix through dissolved gelatin.
    Step 3
    Pour into chosen cups/container and refrigerate overnight
  • Reviews
    Worked perfectly and fantastic for my son - just starting to chew but sometimes swallows bigger bits still. This jelly was firm enough for him to chew but soft enough to slide down if he didn't!

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